Security Services

Most hosting companies don't specialize in eCommerce - why would they? Therefore, most hosting companies leave you to source your own eCommerce security services. (These are the services that are mandated by the PCI council for everyone accepting credit cards online.)

That's why the team at Vortx - who ONLY host eCommerce applications - have bundled together everything you need to supplement your hosting. Each of the provided services is 'mapped' to the matrix found here.

 You cannot be PCI compliant unless someone is carrying out these security services on your store. 

Terms and conditions are here.

Price: $3,727.00
When you accept credit cards online, you must complete an annual questionnaire, which gives you a checklist of safeguards you must be offering as part of your hosting environment.

The questionnaire is very long and almost totally incomprehensible.

But next time, we'll complete it with you, and we'll be able to tell you that all the safeguards are in place. 

  • Included Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention (IDS/IPS)
  • Included File Integrity Monitoring
  • Included Collaborative logging, monitoring, retention
  • Included Vulnerability Scanning, both internal and external
  • Included Penetration Testing, both internal and external
  • Included Web Application Firewall (includes HTTPS on all pages)

When it comes to completing your annual Self Assessment Questionnaire, we can provide you with a list of the questions that we can answer on your behalf. If you'd like an easy way to complete the questionnaire, we have a solution here
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