Don't take our word for it, listen to what our customers are saying about AspDotNetStorefront:

"We are currently working on migrating our current shopping cart to AspDotNetStoreFront. There are so many choices out there, and we've come to the conclusion that AspDotNetStoreFront is the best fit for us. Right out of the box, it has a very extensive list of features that we wanted, and these will save us a lot of time since we won't actually have to develop many of them. AspDotNetStoreFront has it all, and they just keep adding more features with every new release. For quite some time, we've been wanting to run the ecommerce platform's installation on our own servers, and also be able to customize anything we dream up. Now all of this is possible because the source code is available. A big plus was the direct integration with StoneEdge Order Manager, the backend system that we've been using for more than 6 years. Finally, we had the chance to meet the entire AspDotNetStoreFront team last year during their conference in Las Vegas, and they're very accessible and knowledgeable. That's why at, we're confident that we've made the right choice." See the AspDotNetStorefront featured article within Internet Retailer, January 2010, "Open for Business"
- Nicolas Dubus, IT Director,
"Let me start by saying this: We did a study when we had to switch shopping carts recently and wanted to make sure we used THE BEST shopping cart on the market. We reviewed every imaginable cart with a cost range of free to $70,000. We found that AspDotNetStorefront is THE BEST product out there. The sales and support staff are all developers, and understand both the complex, not complicated, inner workings of the storefront and as well the business aspects that make it so powerful. Every time I have a support question, they are there to help me solve it, even if it's something I broke! In fact, most of the work is already done for you! As a developer, I use AspDotNetStorefront daily, and it is a pleasure dealing with a company that just understands what is needed in an e-commerce driven world and the logistics of well thought out code. One of the keys that make's AspDotNetStorefront so great is that it's flexible, the key that most e-commerce packages miss. It is to this end that I say, AspDotNetStorefront, precision at its best!"
- Robert Plummer, Cables for Less
"We moved to the AspDotNetStorefront system 3 years ago. We doubled our internet sales each of the first 2 years and this current year we are up 70%. Because of the architecture and the search engine [SEO] friendly pages, our visibility on the internet drove these sales. We chose a very minimal customization path by just creating a landing page and one template page. After a few days of application configurations like payment gateways, company information and uploading our product photos, we were up and selling. It blew our home grown system out of the water."
- Phillip Kellogg, Daffy Apple
"There are not many vendors I have worked with where I can say that the support I received from them has been great. In the last 15 months, on every occasion, I have received nothing but fanatical support from the AspDotNetStorefront staff. As a IT manager, business relationships and the support you receive from them is critical. Several times I have needed some quick answers and they have quickly provided them. There have been a few special requests I have had where the support they provided was above my own expectations and beyond what most vendors would provide. I also appreciate how they continue to develop and integrate newer technology into their application. I have no doubt about this partnership, and I expect many years of success thanks to the AspDotNetStorefront team!"
- Scott Bickel,
"I run a web design company based in Portland, OR and we service clients throughout the United States. We have been a steady and consistent customer of AspDotNetStorefront since 2005 when e-commerce first starting making its way on to the web. AspDotNetStorefront helped us break into the e-commerce sector and we have been virtual partners ever since. I now have multiple clients running the AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart and they are all extremely happy with the performance of the cart and the constant updates that are supplied by AspDotNetStorefront. A few example websites running AspDotNetStorefront include:, and We purchased our first shopping cart over 5 years ago and we have been happy customers ever since! The support supplied by the technical team at AspDotNetStorefront has been amazing and the customer service is always top-notch. AspDotNetStorefront has been and will continue to be our go-to solution when any of our clients need an e-commerce solution."
- Adam Ruback, Doubledown Productions
"We have been working with AspDotNetStorefront since version 7. To date, we have built around 15 sites that all differ from one another. One of the big features of AspDotNetStorefront is the way the product handles heavy traffic. Some of the eCommerce sites we have built are doing 450+ orders a day! Security is another plus point, to date we have had ZERO problems with hackers. Compared to other solutions we have tried, AspDotNetStorefront is the absolute winner. The product mapping is awesome, it's endless in potential and use. While the product has a learning curve of about 1 to 2 days, once you have the AspDotNetStorefront bug, you're hooked!"
- Sander Buijs, iwebware
"I am a developer and have been using AspDotNetStorefront for a number of years and with multiple clients. I can tell you that, of all the vendors I work with for the benefit of my customers, AspDotNetStorefront has been among the best. I was on the lookout for an ecommerce platform that was a) feature rich b) allowed both code and transactional data to be self-hosted and c) provided an architecture with which I could program customizations and extend the functionality for the specific requirements of my customers. After a long look it was clear that AspDotNetStorefront was a leader in the marketplace. I've pushed this product and on the rare occasion when we've encountered some issue, the support staff has responded quickly. Furthermore, I've found that the company has evolved over time and that the combination of guides, knowledge base, and active forums, has never left me sensing I was alone with this product for my customers. AspDotNetStorefront is not the only vendor I work with, but when it comes to offering an ecommerce solution for my customers that I know will provide all they need to get set up and running fast and a solid foundation for business growth - AspDotNetStorefront is a leader in providing just that. Thank you."
- Nick Coppola, Get Everest
"Out of the box, the setup and administration of AspDotNetStorefront is generally very easy. They've provided scripts that do most of the heavy lifting. And once you understand the Excel importing of products, it's a breeze to import your inventory into the site and then manage pricing. Allot of the bells and whistles are built right in and accessible from the admin. I had a non-technical product manager go in and without much direction, he set up coupons, customers, products, images, descriptions, shipping options and our gateway, etc. and he was doing practice orders all in less than a couple of days. I've had to do a fair amount of customization to our carts and have found the Web Services extremely useful for those who need such things. Also, the reporting is very good out of the box. You can get all kinds of affiliate reports and sales reports by SKU and what not. Finally, Google Analytics is built right in which gives great detail in terms of traffic analysis. All in all, you'd be hard pressed to find a custom shopping cart for less than $2000 that has as much as AspDotNetStorefront has to offer."
- Brian Weiss
"We have been using AspDotNetStorefront as our online store solution for quite some time now and have developed over 100 stores using the framework and our clients absolutely love it! I have found the support to be extremely helpful and responsive whenever we have had any questions or problems. I would definitely have no problem recommending this product to anyone that is looking for a stable, mature and robust ecommerce solution that is extremely flexible and can is quite capable of running even the largest of projects with no problems."
- Anonymous customer from Australia
"Having used this product for about 5 years, I have transferred a total of 5 different web properties over to this platform (from owned software and hosted ecommerce solutions). I've found the source code (and code behinds in the full ML product) to be well documented and sensibly named. Great RealTime Shipping support, loads of CC gateways including PayPal and the always difficult Google Checkout. Coupons, Wish Lists, gift certificates, automatic product suggestions, upsells, cross-sells, what more can you ask for? I've had NOTHING but good to great experiences with AspDotNetStorefront staffers. You'll find their top programmers frequenting the forums, answering questions and whipping up code samples from time to time with lots of their DevNet partners tossing in answers and golden nuggets of information. I've looked at all the Open Source solutions out there as well as many paid solutions and I have found them all wanting in one way or another. For me and my clients, this one has it all!"
- Michael Gibbs, Exhibit A
"Beacon Technologies has implemented Ecommerce websites using the AspDotNetStorefront platform for nearly two years, for a customer base that ranges widely from small "one-person" shops to highly customized state-of the-art ecommerce stores. With AspDotNetStorefront, we are able to get a client's products online quickly and cost-effectively behind an industrial-strength platform while still ensuring that it will be SEO-friendly and have a unique personality and design.

Besides being more than impressed with its feature-rich software (what doesn't this thing do???), we have found AspDotNetStorefront's commitment to customer service and support to be superior. I have been a project manager and developer in the IT industry for over 15 years and have found AspDotNetStorefront to be one of the most interactive, customer-focused vendors that I've ever worked with.

Among the many things that "work":
- Highly active software forums - The forums provide invaluable suggestions and tips to all levels of customers-from the business manager who wants to   understand "what can we do" to the developer who needs step-by-step technical details.
- Amazingly quick response from support - In our experience, the average response time is under two business hours (and sometimes lots less!) which is very   comforting in the fast-paced ecommerce world.
- Responsive to customer enhancement requests - Whether it is in the forums, through the support channel or the recent developer conference, the   management clearly takes the requests of its customers seriously. While many companies offer the lame "well put it on the wish list" response,   AspDotNetStorefront provides prompt feedback on the feasibility of the request and potential for implementation.

Here's a big "thumbs up" to AspDotNetStorefront!"
- Annette Fowler, Beacon Technologies
"We have been using AspDotNetStorefront for over 2 years and started using it from the start of our business. Today, is one of the fast growing Romanian websites. AspDotNetStorefront has a lot of features, good SEO capabilities (we are at PR5 in less than 2 years), and is easy to maintain and that's not all. Customer support has been great for us. Every time we need something, AspDotNetStorefront is there and willing to help. With the release of their new versions they continue to improve but most importantly they have increased speed functionality. There is room to improve in any business and I'm sure that AspDotNetStorefront will only continue to improve every year. I recommend their products for all small and medium sized companies. "
- Rusu Gabriel Ioan,
"I cannot praise WSI enough. I have been working on creating a warehouse management system to help ensure we pack and ship accurate orders. While I'm not live yet, this looks like it will improve efficiency tremendously! Just capturing funds alone will save so much time. I am just so thrilled with WSI and continue to see more and more use for this feature."
- Michael Blair,
"Well we've been using AspDotNetStorefront now for almost 4 years and sales are up 250% since switching to AspDotNetStorefront and up 34% alone just in 2009 despite the economic condition. It is absolutely incredible how this software and its developers have grown along with us and the true SEO powers this platform provides a merchant. The developers are ALWAYS upgrading and tweaking the software with new features and enhancements. Working closely with designers the custom modifications that they can do, at affordable prices, honestly just boggles my mind! Sometimes I feel like I am taking advantage of them! As we have grown, so has our demand for reliability and automation, AspDotNetStorefront has been right there the whole way holding our hand and guiding us to the future. Two years later, the same great support and no regrets! This investment was the by far the best decision we made for our company and couldn't have made it this far without them!!"
- Jeff Rein,
For a company like Sagen Creative, focused on design and customized features, ASPDotNetStorefront is the perfect platform. With its powerful and straightforward skinning tokens, customizable XMLPackages, and more features than you can shake a stick at, nothing else comes close. And when issues arise, as they do in any software, the support staff has been quick to respond, knowledgable, and helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend ASPDNSF.
- Matt Sagen,
"I think your product is the best out there. Period. For a DOD contractor manufacturer with over $50 million annual sales, we've found your solution to be amazing. We've sold over 2 million online last year using your product and it worked amazingly."
- Saul, Meganet Store
"Fire Mecca has used Aspdotnetstorefront software for over 2 years and during that time has seen revenues grow by over 200%. The ML/64 product provides us with key features including, flexible pricing, ease of maintenance, page load performance, and search-engine optimization. When coupled with their excellent support, it is a package that can help any online business gain competitive advantage."
- Michael Mowry, CIO of
"The features are full, and they are continually updating the product. Customer support is great, with fast turnaround, and very helpful with both technical issues and specific feature questions. Their user forums seem to cover almost every topic we've looked for. Definitely recommend! "
- Sue George
"I decided on ASPDNSF as my shopping cart after researching many other carts. And boy am I glad with this decision! I wanted a solid database that could handle large volumes as my business grew. This package has exceeded my expectations! It has just about every feature you can think of!"
- Jaishree Knauff
"The clever XML model enables design and layout changes without the need for a fully fledged programmer which has saved them money and me a lot of headaches. "
- Rod McLeay
"AspDotNetStorefront has expanded my business tremendously. This program is the most customizable e- commerce solution I have ever seen. Their support is great and they do almost anything to answer my questions. The SEO of this product is also phenomenal."
- Tyler Horvath
"I have used the others and will never go back, no other Cart can handle 500K products and no other company would help me they way they did to get up and running. If I needed a feature they added it, if my server went down they helped me move to a new one. If I just had a question they talked me through it."
- Brian Perry
"There have been at least 10 points in the 14 months we've been using this product that I've silently said to myself "Man, I'm glad I picked this"."
- Anonymous User (Dandandan)
"I have to give the software and support a 5 star rating. I have had many questions and small customizations that I wanted to do myself and they assisted me promptly with each question. The software is easy to use and the addition of google checkout to my websites has increased my sales significantly."
- T. Carlson
"The features are fantastic for a product of this price. It's amazing how robust these shopping cart systems have gotten, and this one is very well organized and capable."
- Daniel Gdowski
Louisville Cards

"I just wanted to let you know that you have FANTASTIC customer service through your ticket support department. I've had at least half a dozen tickets opened and closed in the last few days, and your staff is always willing and able to help. I have also received very thorough responses in a very timely fashion.

For a "free" service - the only thing we paid for is the software - for our 2 sites and counting - we are very thankful for your service area and are definitely glad we bought your product! We will definitely be buying it again in the future as we launch more sites. So thanks to you and the staff @ the support desk! "

- Miranda Osborn

"Artemis Solutions Group began working with AspDotNetStorefront in the Spring of last year when we found our previous e-commerce application unable to suit the expanding needs of our clients. As a regional leader in providing state of the art web-based solutions, we have high demands of any third-party software that we implement, high demands which AspDotNetStorefront has continued to meet. Specifically, our needs surrounding the ease of implementation, graphical flexibility of the presentation layer, management of products, integration with back-end ERP and accounting systems, facility for SEO, and ease of hosting have all been superlatively

Certainly, it is important for any company operating in today's ecommerce marketplace to be able to meet and exceed all of the technical needs that go with providing goods and services via the internet. However, to me, the greatest reason I see a long-term relationship between our company and AspDotNetStorefront is their extraordinary dedication to supporting their products and clients. Whether it was an issue of finding a solution for a client's obtuse inventory management system, or a licensing issue, AspDotNetStorefront has always been there for us. I look forward to working with them for a long time to come. "

- Ben Eysselinck
Director of Operations - Artemis Solutions Group
"We just launched this new site for British Airways using AspDotNetStorefront ML with customizations: The site launch has been a huge success, with sales roughly doubling those of the old site for the same period. Thanks AspDotNetStorefront for providing a solid platform to develop on top of!"
- Tim O'Neill, Reactive Media
AspDotNetStorefront U.K. DevNet Partner
Your software allowed me to do what I need it in terms of a very flexible customized shopping cart. We tried 3 other comparable stores from other providers without any success. Our developer team was very happy when we got AspDotNetStorefront for our online store because of our needs and demands. We needed to have a way to sell a "make your own 3-pack" deal of all products we offer to our customers. Before AspDotNetStorefront , it was impossible or extremely expensive to customize the shopping cart. Now, not only we have a great service but also a very nice looking store with lots of extra services such as wish list, reviews, download sales and we even have a direct connection to our inventory system to synchronize inventory across different marketplaces. The kind of service and support we get from the AspDotNetStorefront team is a lot better and friendlier than our past experiences and is always fast and accurate. Thank you very much, keep up with the good work and great additional services in future updates!!
J.G. -
"I have developed and designed with many different shopping carts over the years, and none is as easy to skin or modify as AspDotNetStorefront. You will not find as many features on any comparably priced shopping cart solution. AspDotNetStorefront is simply the best shopping cart value on the market."
Austin, Owner
"Thanks to all of you for helping me get my site up. I just went live tonight and granted I am far from done, but it is a great start. Your software is awesome and support is exemplary. :)"
- Lawrence, Amaranthas Garden
"Your software allowed me to do what I need it in terms of a very flexible customized shopping cart. We tried 3 other comparable stores from other providers without any success. Our developer team was very happy when we got AspDotNetStorefront for our online store because of our needs and demands. Prior to using AspDotNetStorefront, it was impossible or extremely expensive to customize the shopping cart. Now, not only do we have a great service but also a very nice looking store with lots of extra services such as wish list, reviews, download sales and we even have a direct connection to our inventory system to synchronize inventory across different marketplaces. The kind of service and support we get from the AspDotNetStorefront team is a lot better and friendlier than our past experiences and is always fast and accurate. Thank you very much, keep up with the good work and great additional services in future updates!"
J.G. -
"In developing a "High End, Feature Rich, commerce application, we knew that we had to look beyond our current cart solution. After reviewing several applications we felt that your software would be the solution we were looking for, and we were not disappointed. Our development time was much shorter than anticipated as many of the customizations we have had to make in the past with Storefront, were built into your software which was a pleasant surprise. The Swissclinical company is a world-wide startup, and the US division will be the first to launch a commerce website. We feel this will be the standard, the other divisions will go by."
Randy, Swissclinical
"You guys are AWESOME! I can tell you this ... I am SOLD on you guys. If you EVER need a reference of any sort .. tell them to call me! Don't send me the easy guys to sell .. Send me your hardest sells, I guarantee when I'm done with em' you will have made another eCommerce Retailer a very Happy Customer! Excellent Products, and even better Customer Service! - Best Damn Business Decision I EVER made! I am going to recommend you guys to EVERYONE I know .. You folks hung in there with me and helped me out when I needed it! You are GREAT! Service Next to NONE! I've been in business for nearly 26 years and I have not seen committed and dedicated customer service like you guys pound out! Not only am I happy with yaz' .. but I'm so happy, I want to join the team by marketing and selling your products (by then Ill know more too so I wont have to ask you all the trivial questions!) Hats off to ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT!"
Angelo, WI
"Many thanks, I actually managed to sort it all and change VAT to GST in the String Resources (as that's what it's called in NZ) so now it looks like a fully customized New Zealand site where you can select to view with or without GST, no-one else in NZ has got a site that does that so I'm pretty pleased with the cart I must say!! Thanks again for the great support, cheers"
Rich, NZ
"T-HUB has revolutionized the way that we process incoming orders from our web site! After intensive research of several solutions we opted to purchase ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT and T-HUB to replace our out-of-date online shopping cart. We have been using this combination for one week now and we are very confident that this was the best choice. T-HUB very effectively downloads all of our online orders and enters them into QuickBooks Enterprise 2007. T-HUB can do in just a few minutes what it used to take us hours to do by hand! It also eliminates the possibility of data entry errors in the office by inserting customer information, credit card information and order details into QuickBooks exactly as they were entered online by our customers. Their tech support has been amazing, helping us to very quickly overcome the few issues which popped up that were specific to our unique e-commerce model. We're very excited about this product. It has been a very key component in helping us to meet our goals of bringing together our online storefront and our bricks and mortar store. " View on Intuit QuickBooks site.
Jay Dulany
Abba Oil Ltd.
"We purchased your product a month and a half ago and have recently gone live with our application. Thanks again. The product was extremely easy to implement/integrate."
"BTW...I usually develop in PHP using open source carts. But I am so impressed by the number of features in the ml license I am starting to offer this to my clients as an alternative. The time I save in having to pull in and configure add-on modules more than makes up for the cost of the license. "
"Just went live this weekend. It took use less then two weeks to go from no site to a custom skinned site in production. With the source code and DB schema I was able to easily integrate cart with our POS system and update to latest USPS shipping APIs. I looked at all the other 'leading' carts but Aspdotnetstorefront wins hands down. Plus, no one came close to ADNSF's price with source code!."

"We completed our first cart using your product for the band Kutless. The band members and wives now completely run the store, while on the road, with very little intervention from us. This first store was created completely using the admin tool, modifying some HTML templates, editing the styles sheets and changing a few graphics - not one lick of code recompile. And we got the look and feel to closely match the home site (

We are now getting ready to embark on our second and third carts, this time planning more advanced modifications, and looking forward to extending the product in new ways.

Customer support has been great - keep up the good work. "

- Del

"Quite Simply.......if your company sells products online through AspDotNetStorefront and then manually enters these orders into QuickBooks, then you need the QuickBooks "T-Hub" windows client add-on by AspDotNetStorefront/Atandra Systems!

After years of struggling with manual order entry from our e-commerce site into QuickBooks, and testing several integration programs along the way, we were to the point of completely replacing QuickBooks with an all in one, accounting/order management system. However, we already had many years of learning QuickBooks under our belts, and the thought of learning an entirely new system was not something we looked forward to (nor were able to find the time to do)! Fortunately we learned of T-Hub before having to go through all of the time & expense of converting to an entirely new system.........

T-Hub does exactly what it was designed to do: automatically transfers your online AspDotNetStorefront orders into QuickBooks, (Sales Receipts, & Invoices), and does so very accurately while at the same time adding new customers, shipping methods, etc. into the QuickBooks database when needed, yet still allowing you complete control over the entire process!

Atandra was extremely helpful & worked diligently with me to overcome our specific, and rather complicated inventory handling requirements, thus making the implementation of T-Hub a pleasure!

After upgrading our workstations to QuickBooks Premier Mfg & Wholesale (to better handle our inventory needs), and implementing AspDotNetStorefront with T-Hub windows client, I can "now" finally sit back & say to myself We have a pretty sweet system in place for processing our orders!"

Randall Jones
Adhesive Solutions Co. LLC
"You are very helpful and I really like this store. It is just awesome. Thanks!"
- Bhavesh
"Thanks - I have been having a BLAST with the Xml packages. You guys have an awesome program - if you haven't heard it enough"
- Debra Dobrowolski
"I've been using your product since 4.something and I've had success with my current site running on 4.3. I'm just now upgrading to ML 5.8. Thanks. Sweet!"
- Rudy Silva,
"I love the site. Search engines are grabbing it, and orders are coming in! :)"
- Connie,

"After 6 months of research and even using competitor's products ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT hands down is the best ASP.NET store application.

Here is what I needed for my business:

  • Simple and Powerful
  • Easy for the average web developer
  • Expandable and Customizable
  • Strong Affiliate Program
  • Manageable for One Person
  • Affordable
  • Strong Reporting

Here is what I got for a price of half of any *real* competitor:

  • Customer service is peerless.
  • Updates are quick and easy.
  • Getting started is simple.
  • Store speed is notably better than competitors.

Communication between ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT is excellent; between the support forums, customer service and personal emails; I am never in the dark.

  • Very customizable, your skin approach is perfect.
  • Innovative discounts and coupons system.
  • The absolute best affiliate program available anywhere.
  • Excellent reporting and QuickBooks support.
  • Easy to use, clean admin with a strong security plan.

Hats off to ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT for developing this application. We use an enterprise ecommerce application at my place of employment that costs 10X as much and does not even come close to your functionally, performance and value. I only wish I found out about your ecommerce application sooner. It would have saved me thousands and countless hours of fooling with third rate ecommerce applications. Even issues I faced on a server level that weren't ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT's responsibility you guys offered insight to correct the problems. If that is not over-and-above service, I do not know what is.

I would recommend your software highly to anyone!"

- Joel Cosby
"You are very helpful and I really like this store. It is just awesome. Thanks!"
- Bhavesh,

"I also want to compliment the technical implementation. We have at least 30,000 products (and growing) and we also have well beyond 40,000 visitors a day. The cart was not supposed to be able to handle that load and it does so quite nicely.

Without a doubt, out of the hundreds of carts that are out there yours is the best. It is the best for the developer and it is the best for the store owner."

- Gregory Way,

"Simplified Data Systems, Inc. (SDS) has been providing high tech solutions to Fortune Companies for over 20 Years. Recently, we were asked to review e-commerce software in the .NET environment to provide small to mid-sized companies an expandable solution to their Internet Product Sales Efforts.

After 3 months of research AspDotNetStoreFront was by far the leading provider of this software. After purchasing their PRO version of the storefront they worked with us closely and quickly to get the website ( ) live with minimal problems. Now, after this site has quickly generated thousands of sales the site is sound and flexible to grow with the company.

After mentioning the success of this rapid release another client ( ) asked to have their site converted to this software also. In a 3-week period this site has been implemented and will go live the first week of February. Check it out, they wanted simple for the customer with great flexibility in the back office to allow for multiple commission structures, shipping options and multiple sales outlets.

The current shortfall in our efforts is limited C# resources within SDS. The team at AspDotNetStoreFront has compensated for this shortfall and provided contract-programming services to allow our success.

Thank you to the AspDotNetStoreFront Team!"

- Steve Cunningham, President, Simplified Data Systems, Inc.

"I tried Sales.Cart (ComCity), BVCommerce, Storefront 6.0 (Lagarde) and settled on AspDotNetStorefront PRO. I had a very bad experience with both Sales.Cart and StoreFront. These guys say they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, but in the fine print they don't offer this on the web hosting, or support so I really had to fight hard to get my money back after trying their solution for less than a week.

I'm glad I didn't settle for that, because I have much more control over my pages and the data with the AspDotNetStorefront solution. I've had to learn SQL and .NET a little bit more than I knew already, but these other carts mask you from what's going on with your data. So now my site is live and I know it backwards and forwards.

The other most important thing for me was support. AspDotNetStorefront has been incredible. It seems they are always around, which is great since I seem to always be working on my site. It seems I never have to wait more than a couple of hours to get an answer from them.

Per their recommendation I went with EDT Hosting. Having started a hosting business in the past I am really impressed by their operations and their support. They seem to share the same support credo as AspDotNetStorefront - Always around and have a solution within hours.

All in all I am a very happy camper. And, if you add all of it together (the hosting and AspDotNetStorefront ) it's still cheaper by 20% - 40% than these other guys. And I feel I'm getting a much better solution.

At that time I was trying to get over $2K back from the other cart guys and here AspDotNetStorefront sent me the actual full product prior to the sale. I thought these guys have balls (excuse the expression) about there solution. After a few days I got the site to work and sent them the money. is live and it proudly and confidently runs on ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT PRO!"

- Joseph C. Loll, Zupgrades LLC
"AspDotNetStoreFront is a truly great product, and rest assured, we have done some major product comparison shopping before making our choice, so..........................keep up the good work!"
- Randy Jones, Adhesive Solutions Co. LLC
"You guys saved my (insert colorful expletive for rear end) at least twice this week - Thanks!"
(An anonymous customer quote that was so funny we had to put it up)
"I've been using "AspDotNetStorefront " professional software for about a year now. I initially tried it only on my primary website, but found it to work so seamlessly and to be such a good product that I immediately installed it in two of our other sites. The technical support is fast, efficient and goes far beyond any other tech. department that I've ever used. I would certainly recommend AspDotNetStorefront to anyone wanting a reliable and solid store front program, and tech support that you can count on every time. Thanks a lot AspDotNetStorefront !"
Gary Brock
EVP of Operations
Worldwide Financial Network, Inc.
"I've worked with run-of-mill carts like Cart32 and e- commerce packages like Miva and Storefront and have never really found what I needed in an all in one solution, until I found your storefront. I hope to convince my current and future clients to allow me to make the switch for them store by store . Oh yeah, the skinning examples on your site are excellent".
Bill, Web Developer
"AspDotNetStorefront support is above and beyond what I would expect from an Internet business. Our questions were answered promptly, and when required, help was only a phone call away. The shopping cart is the only solution meeting our requirements and we would definitely recommend it to those in need of a shopping cart solution. We'll be using it again and again."
Paul Larson President, Creative Arc, Inc.
"We tried many other shopping carts that were far more expensive. In addition, we needed modifications that many could not do. AspDotNetStorefront gave us the cart we needed, and modifications meet our specific needs, and customer service is second to none. Our company continues to grow, and we couldn't endorse a product with more enthusiasm. Thanks again!"
"I've been in the web development business for over nine years working with many different software vendors and the inevitable technical support. AspDotNetStorefront has, hands down, the BEST support of any company I've dealt with. Response is prompt, calls are answered by a real person, bugs or problems are usually fixed the SAME DAY! They have been simply amazing at taking care of our technical needs. The product is well designed and supported and we plan to use it in all our future e- commerce sites. AspDotNetStorefront is simply the best e-commerce package for the developer we've seen."
Jered, Senior Web Developer
"We used AspDotNetStorefront PRO to rapidly develop the B2B e-commerce site, We especially liked the full source code access, as it allowed us to tweak the code and add custom functions to match our business processes. And the support was top notch! All of our questions were answered quickly and accurately by the technical support staff. This is a great product, I'll definitely use this storefront again!"
Larry Mrazek, President LCM Research, Inc.
"Having the ability to edit our site in as many places as we can helps us shape who AHSRescue is to the customer. The Rescue community we serve will have more valuable and timely information because of this. We have no problem at letting folks know that AspDotNetStorefront is AWESOME."
"We are still amazed about the features AspDotNetStorefront has to offer. Its flexibility has allowed us to deploy a full e-commerce application in a very minimal amount of time. With a lot of other e-commerce packages on the market today, designing and deploying the site means working within the boundaries and capabilities of the application. The customizability of almost all aspects of it allowed for us to really determine how the site would look and act."
JR Ranch Steaks