Smart Mini-Cart

We're about to tell you why you need a the Smart Mini-Cart ...

... but first, let's make sure that you know that:
  1. The Smart Mini-Cart is free with all new sales of AspDotNetStorefront carts
  2. The Smart Mini-Cart is spectacular value when purchased as part of the whole Caboodle.
  3. Got MultiStore? The Smart Mini-Cart is a key part of the Bundled MoreStore.
  4. The Smart Mini-Cart is free for all domains covered by Year Round Benefits

Encourage shoppers to buy more than one item...leave them shopping, and help them checkout when they're ready...

Our Smart Mini-Cart makes it easy for customers to track their shopping, keep an eye on their subtotal, and checkout when they're ready. All without taking them off the product page.

Test drive the Smart Mini-Cart

Version 1.2.6 released 02/21/2014

  • Ajax has now been replaced by jQuery.
  • Messaging when mini-cart is empty.
  • Uses CSS3 box shadow
  • Improved cross-browser support.


Works with AspDotNetStorefront versions to 9.4

Single-domain Product: One license per domain/subdomain.

Requires a space in your header of at least 200px wide by 20px high.

Delivery & Installation

You will receive an email with the installation package and instructions to install the Smart Mini-Cart on your AspDotNetStorefront store. Purchase of the Smart Mini-Cart also includes free installation for all customers hosting with AspDotNetStorefront.

This product is available as part of a bundled set of our most prized add-ons. See the Whole Caboodle.

Price: $250.00


One domain FREE for
Year-Round Benefits

Smart Mini-Cart makes checking out from any page easy. Encourage shoppers to buy more than one item, and help them to checkout when they're ready.