What our customers say...

"The team was right on top of everything. When I submitted a request and/or an idea they got back to be right away with my options. They helped teach me to maintain my own site rather than just putting it together and giving me the keys. Everyone had a great rapport and didn't make me feel self-conscious about my lack of technical knowledge. Thanks so much for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you!"

Steve Johnson, Virtuosity

"After years of cobbling together site templates on my own, we finally enlisted the Vortx/AspDotNetStorefront team to upgrade our site and install a truly professional design. The cost had always been daunting, but I feel we got a great value. Our site went from looking like someone cobbled it together in a hurry to a slick, modern look that is both mobile-friendly and human-friendly. First off, the Vortx team is probably the most personable group of tech-world human beings I've ever met. Everybody is knowledgeable AND delightful. During this project, I received speedy responses that covered all of my concerns. The use of Basecamp and the initial design survey were particularly useful in making the project feel very organized and on-track. Secondly, the upgrade from 9.4.2 to 9.5.1 is magnificent! Editing products on the Admin has gone from a Herculean task to completely simple. I think I will finally be able to train newer team members to help me. The code has improved a lot, too. I have several little customizations that I use on our product display XML packages and on the product edit page. Implementing these was SO much easier than it has been in the past! I'm far from a professional developer, so anytime I can go into the code and figure out how to change something on my own, it's a major win. The use of topics to customize the template is another highlight. Once a year, we use MoreStores for about a week, so it's great to use those topics to change the look of the MoreStores rather than needing separate skins for each store. I am very, very pleased with the outcome of this project."

Lenae Yawn, Empire Chrome Shop

“I love the website that we have and best of all it works! It's makes purchasing easy for the customer.”

Jim Weisheit, Portsmouth Spa

“I was very impressed with the absolute professionalism & technical ability of the assigned project manager, Nicole.”

Dev Dasgupta, Lifton Magnets Pte Ltd

“Great job by the whole team as usual. Site looks awesome!”

Jeff Rein, PoolPartsOnLine.com

“Vortx has done a fantastic job implementing our web site. They got involved with our business and most importantly, how we go to business, and meshed that with their tech knowledge. Great Experience, thanks!”

Mike Driver, Driver Developments

“Jo and the team at AspDotNet/Vortx are the very best. They handled my website upgrade/hosting project with the utmost professionalism, while maintaining a friendly manner. All my tedious questions were answered with professionalism, kindness, and grace. A special thank you to Nicole Swan for all her help. I'm a big fan of AspDotNet/Vortx. I would highly recommend them to other businesses.”

Lietta Ryan, Naturally Botanicals, Inc.

“This is the second project that we have had the privilege of working on with Vortx. I would like to say they are honest, organized, keep things in writing for accuracy, dependable, punctual, knowledgable, friendly, intelligent and a pleasure to work with.

Our company has been online since August of 2001. We have worked with several individuals and companies over the years but none have exceeded our expectations like Vortx. They are the developers of the storefront and who knows better how to work with something than the people who build it.

Vortx is not only in the business of building a great workhorse of a software and strong stable dependable websites, they genuinely want to see you succeed. They have programs and tools to to help you learn after the completion of the project.

They don’t just listen to your problem and tell you what it will cost to fix it, they encourage you to learn and grow and figure out how to help yourself so you have the tools to be a better webmaster and marketer. Tools that are vital for success in the online business world.

Working with different companies over the years we have had some not so successful experiences. Our experiences with Vortx have always proven to be successful and profitable. I highly recommend them to anyone who aspires to build a new store or advance an existing store. Thanks to Jo, Christian, Matt, Erik and Rachel for all of your help. You have been and will continue to be a great team to work with, we look forward to a long and successful relationship with the entire team. We are grateful to be back!”

Suzanne Thomas, DecalJunky.com