The information on this page pertains to versions 9.4 and above.

How to customize the look and feel of your store

Your site's "skin" controls the overall appearance of your web site - the navigation, background colors, overall styles, etc. In nearly all cases, the skin can be modified the way you want without requiring source code. In some rare instances, to make very extensive changes or serious changes to site layouts, source code modifications may be required. Skins are vital to the success of your business. Your brand appearance and presentation to customers will drive the most in revenue growth and conversion rates.

We have some great responsive design templates to get you started!

We offer basic templates and design packages to complex solutions to meet your specific business needs.

Sportsing Skin
Twigs Skin
Dean Skin
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Live site examples

AspDotNetStorefront is flexible, and feature-rich to enable you to sell anything online. No matter how complex your business may be, we're confident AspDotNetStorefront can meet and exceed expectations. Here are some live site examples:

Gilden Tree
Inland Sea Windsurf Co.
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Skinning Tutorials

*These tutorials apply to versions 9.4 – 9.5

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Need a designer or developer?

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Our responsive sites are built with the Bootstrap framework.

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