AspDotNetStorefront does not host email on our servers. You will need to have your own email provider in order to send email from your AspDotNetStorefront hosted website. We recommend that you research a number of third-party email hosting providers in order to determine the appropriate email solution for your website/company.

The reason why we don’t host email is really quite plain. While we are the best in the world when it comes to hosting AspDotNetStorefront sites, we aren’t the best at hosting email. We simply don’t have the expertise in white-listing, mail transport, or delivery mechanisms to compete with other providers. We are dedicated to serving our clients’ best interests, and that means being honest about our capabilities.

Thankfully, it is extraordinarily easy to switch your email hosting, and the process does not require you to change the email addresses you are currently using.

For clients that need a few email accounts to send and receive order notifications, customer requests, and inter-company email, we would highly recommend Google Apps. It's simple to setup yourself, but there are a number of Google Partners that can assist with the migration process. Clients that more specific email requirements should consider Exchange Online from Microsoft or a larger email provider that can tailor their services to meet your specific needs like Google or Office365.