AspDotNetStorefront v10

Things to look forward to ...

HTTPS Everywhere

AspDotNetStorefront v10 supports the principles of 'HTTPS Everywhere'.

Every page (both browsing pages and shopping pages) can default to the more secure HTTPS protocol.

Google uses HTTPS as a 'ranking signal' ... more security leads to more traffic from Google.

Natively Responsive (mobile-ready)

Although it is possible to transfer a legacy 'fixed' template into v10, most store-owners will be happy to benefit from the native skin that uses the Bootstrap Responsive framework to be mobile-ready out of the box.

Completely new checkout

AspDotNetStorefront v10 introduces a completely new checkout flow. From the moment a shopper elects to 'buy now', there is just one step to checkout. This innovative new checkout flow means that the following can all be configured:

  • Incredibly easy guest checkout
  • Third party checkouts (PayPal, Amazon) are part of the normal flow - no 'fork in the road'
  • Login is optional, but easy
  • Shoppers see shipping and tax costs earlier, and easier

Certified PCI (PA-DSS) compliant

AspDotNetStorefront v10 will be listed by the PCI council as a certified compliant payment application.

We have adopted all the requirements of PCI DSS 3.1 - a set of standards that will dominate 2016 with required changes.


looks very different, in terms of online marketing, from the SEO demands of earlier years.

On-page optimization simply won't cut it. Every successful store needs a social media strategy, optimized product feeds and a targeted marketing plan.

AspDotNetStorefront v10 brings:

  • Total URL freedom. No more IDs. No more .aspx
  • Extended microdata (
  • Dotfeed, embedded
  • Targeted remarketing tags
  • Page-by-page SEO metadata

New Payment Provider - Braintree

AspDotNetStorefront v10 introduces Braintree as a 'direct post' payment provider. Braintree supports, really elegantly, credit card payments, PayPal, and mobile payments.

For the development community - ASP.NET MVC

AspDotNetStorefront v10 introduces, for the first time, a front end framework that uses ASP.NET MVC patterns. For now, the administrative console will continue to use the traditional ASP.NET application framework that is based on Web Forms.


Immediate benefits of this move include:


  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Easy new way to embed forms and widgets
  • Separation of storefront UI from data and business logic
  • Whole new XML engine