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Taking XML Packages to the Next Level in AspDotNetStorefront

Presented by Lindsay Taylor, AspDotNetStorefront

In this session Lindsay will cover some of the lesser-known features of XML Packages, including:
  • Got Cookies? Cookies, Querystrings, and Form Post data are already included and available in the XML along with customer information.
  • Web Queries: Have a REST Web Service to call? You can style the XML response right in the XML Package with XSLT.
  • Need to do some more complex functions that XSLT can’t handle? You can use C# right in your XML Package, as well as include libraries and call their methods.
This webinar is geared towards developers who already have experience with the basics of AspDotNetStorefront XML Packages. Lessons learned will apply to ML8 and later, but will be presented in MSx.

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