Why you need to understand TLS 1.2

(even if it sounds deadly dull)

Old browsers, old protocols, old applications ... are no longer safe

Are you and your shoppers ready for the TLS 1.2 security compliance requirements?
Learn how to keep credit card data safe.

It’s critically important.

Encryption. The crux of the matter

Without encryption, the data that moves around the web can be plainly seen as

it moves around the Internet.

If you encrypt information, it can only be seen by the owner and thereafter it is unreadable.

Encryption keeps your shopper's passwords and credit card numbers from falling into the wrong hands.

Without working encryption, nobody could

safely shop or bank online, or send private email.

Are you keeping your shoppers safe today?

Not unless you're running AspDotNetStorefront 9.5 or later. Keep reading.

By June of 2016, every website on the Internet was recommended to be using a new encryption protocol called TLS 1.2 in order to accept credit cards. During 2016/2017 transaction processors are turning off earlier TLS protocols. By 2018, TLS 1.0 will be turned off all over the globe. Are you ready?

Every one shopping on your store will need to be using a web browser that works with TLS 1.2 in order to keep using those websites.

It's time, already, for you to be alerting them that you've gone to the trouble of making your store safe (you have, right?) and they need to keep themselves safe, too.

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council decided in April of 2015 that the older ways of encrypting Internet data were no longer safe to use. The good news is you’ve still got time to get everything upgraded. The mandatory deadline is June 2018, but we really hope that you care about your customer's safety enough to begin to take steps TODAY.

TLS 1.2 needs .Net 4.5

Only AspDotNetStorefront versions 9.5.x and newer

were built to run in .Net 4.5

Better yet, AspDotNetStorefront v10 is certified PCI compliant.

What you should do ...

  • Make sure that the server that hosts your store is running .Net 4.5 (or later) and that it is ready to disable TLS 1.0
  • In order to do that, you'll need to be running a version of AspDotNetStorefront that can run on today's technology.
  • If in doubt, contact AspDotNetStorefront urgently to check the status of your storefront.
  • And finally, start today to tell your shoppers that they, too, need to upgrade to be safe.

And remember ... not everyone is as savvy as you. Your friends and family (or customers!) might still be using an old browser. Consider posting notices on your super-safe (right??) store, telling them that you're proud to keep them safe and reminding them that they need to play their part and upgrade to new, secure browsers.

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