We know e-commerce.

For nearly 20 years now, we've been in the business of e-commerce. We make it our business to understand what merchants need in their online shopping cart software in order to be successful. AspDotNetStorefront is a flexible, configurable, expandable and fully downloadable Shopping Cart that can be wholly owned by you.

Leveraging Microsoft technologies with flexibility

C# or VB .NET
ASP.NET version 4.0
MS SQL Versions 2005/2008/2012/2014
Visual Studio .NET 2008-Most Recent

The cart is built upon the ASP.NET framework, and you can choose between a C# or VB code base to suit your development preferences. In the most recent release, AspDotNetStorefront is built using ASP.NET MVC. Legacy versions (9x) of AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart leverage Master Templates, user controls, and custom controls. You can modify the custom custom controls, or even create your own! Additionally, the cart leverages Microsoft SQL Server, which you can use the free express version, or scale up to the paid version for larger sites.

The forms throughout the site utilize the code-behind approach, a technology that provides a clean break from server side logic and client side code. Whether the server side code is c#, or vb, it stays separate from the HTML, in its own file. The HTML is then on its own page, along with server side controls that interact with the code behind. The server side controls are structured like HTML tags, so your pages can be visualized, formatted, and validated.

If you've ever "skinned" a site with the body, header, and footer pages in separate files and dealt with painful fragments of HTML, then you will LOVE skinning and AspDotNetStorefront site. You'll get to work within a Master Template for your layout, all in one file.

Getting your Data In

Already have product data? Or do you just feel more comfortable making a spreadsheet of your data? You can import your products in with an excel spreadsheet, or an XML document.

Skinning Engine for Dynamic Data

The store comes with a skinning engine for dynamic content called "XML Packages" that can be worked with by developers at any level. If you know HTML and CSS, you can modify and style the dynamic content within the XML Packages, or even create your own!

The XML Package gives you control of: What data is fetched (This can be from the database OR a RESTful web service that returns XML), how that data will be transformed (using XSLT and XPath), and how that data will look (with HTML and CSS).

Content Management and Configuration

The store comes preconfigured in a way that suits the needs of most merchants, but if the need arises your store comes with over 1000 configuration settings to enable you to fine tune. In addition, you have access to modify over 2000 strings of text that display on your store.

Payment Solutions

The store comes pre-integrated with 6 All-in-One Payment Solutions (like PayPal Payments Advanced), 30 Gateway Solutions (such as Authorize.Net and Payflow Pro), and 2 Instant Checkout Solutions (PayPal Express Checkout and Amazon Payments).


Ready-to-go, add-on integration with Avalara's AvaTax OnDemand service makes it easy to comply with the complex and changing tax laws for Online Selling. Additionally, you can setup your own tables for tax classes, taxes by state, country and Postal Code.


Free shipping (and 'free shipping above a spend threshold'), expedited shipping, real-time shipping rates, ship by zone, ship by weight ... all of these are possible with AspDotNetStorefront and managed through the massively flexible administrative panel.


The store comes with Out-of-box skins provided in traditional layout, as well as responsive design templates.


Every merchant needs a page for their privacy policies, about us, etc. These come pre-created and linked, for quick and easy setup of your store. However, if you need a landing page, or any other static page you can dream up, you can create one right from the Admin Console!

Entities (Like Categories, Manufacturers, Departments)

Entities like Categories allow you to not only group your products into paged results, but display content that is manageable by you.


Many of the products you sell likely come in different sizes, colors, and styles, plus there's a great deal more information you'll want your online shoppers to see:

  • With AspDotNetStorefront, you can easily display multiple variations and multiple images per product.
  • Include Customer Reviews to help customers choose the right products
  • Place links to Social Media so your business becomes more noticed on more channels.
  • Easily manage of Out of Stock items.
  • Upsell Products and Related Products


Not *just* coupons, but promotions that can be applied automatically towards product sets, specific customers, or levels. Buy one of x, get a free y. You can create hundreds of combinations of rules to qualify, and discount types. Free shipping, line item discount, percentage discount and gift with purchase.

Search Engine Optimization

COMPLETE - and we mean complete - support for robust Search Engine indexing, with full control over static page links, and complete control over all meta tags, titles, keywords, descriptions, and alt-text on EACH and EVERY product and category in the storefront! Some larger sites we know have over 350,000 pages fully indexed in Google!

  • Sitemaps for Google, Yahoo and Bing to index
  • Schema.org meta data on ratings, products and category data
  • Browser caching for faster page load and resource minification
  • Mobile-friendly templates (responsive design) use the Bootstrap framework
  • Pretty URLs

Full Source Code Optionally Available

  • Organization of source code by core logic, controls, gateways, etc.
  • When optionally purchased, source code is provided in either C# or VB.NET, with full SQL database schema. Full project and solution files are provided.
  • Purchasing the source gets you access to everything except:
  • The licensing logic
  • Our encryption logic
  • Source for a few 3rd party components that we aren't allowed to redistribute
  • Aside from that, you get it all! We even provide a Security.cs (Security.vb) class wrapper for our encryption logic, in case you do have to provide/utilize your own encryption routines.


If you purchase source code, you get access to modify core code, to include pricing, payment, shipping, and tax logic classes. Even without source code, you can make many modifications to the presentation layer, to include:

  • The site template (layout, logo, header, footer, etc)
  • The CSS - uses the Bootstrap Framework, including .less files
  • Dynamic content (products, categories, etc)
  • Checkout process (form layout, buttons, etc)


Once an AspDotNetStorefront store is running & the orders are pouring in, why not add more stores & double ... triple your revenue? "Multistore". A master admin console, managing an unlimited number of stores.

MoreStores are additional online stores tied on to the same Admin Console as your original store, making it simple to manage as many niche stores as you like. Think of all the different ways you can grow with a MoreStore! Targeting a new market with your best-sellers, setting up a children's store with your 'for kids' products or creating a Christmas store with your 'best for gifting' products and a winter holiday theme has never been easier.


The store is a fully downloadable shopping cart that you can place in source control, develop locally, and release to staging or production in line with your OWN development processes. You get a license for your very own local, staging and production environments.

You can host on your own server, or with just about any Windows hosting provider.

Or you can host on our servers, by professionals that understand not only the software, but the e-commerce industry, and cater specifically to those business needs.

DotFeed - Layer in the Cloud

While AspDotNetStorefront is 'on-premise' software, the addition of this layer in the cloud (called DotFeed) means that extra processing can occur, integration is painless and new functionality can be added to the store without the need to upgrade.

Multi-Channel Selling

The DotFeed Layer in the Cloud enables you to sell your products on channels like:

Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, Amazon Product Ads, Shopping.com, Bing, TheFind, Shopzilla and More.

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