Is there an annual package for Silver membership?
No - here's why. The Silver package is ideal for stores with no custom code, since it delivers fully compiled 'builds'. it is very much our belief that the BEST option for such stores is to move to our preFIX  'always up to date' model, and we think that as more and more store-owners work out that preFIX will work for them, they will switch over. Therefore, a month-to-month model works best.

Do unused phone incidents roll over into the next month?
No. Use it or lose it!

What exactly is an iterative upgrade pack / full builds?
Great question! A 'full build' is where we deliver EVERYTHING an online seller needs to build a new store. Therefore, if a store is running an older version, a 'full build' lets someone install the complete new set and start using that, instead. It's like moving house.
Staying with the house-analogy, an 'iterative upgrade pack' is more like 'here's a new bathroom and some new kitchen cabinets'. You keep the old house but it's nicer when you're finished. (In technology terms, we deliver only the new or updated code - anything that was unchanged can stay in place.)

What do you mean that my storefront is improved while I sleep?
This is something that applies to preFIX. When you're hosted with us on the preFIX model, we reach out to you at least once each month and let you know that there are some new fixes and features, and that when your store is relatively quiet, we will be installing the updates for you. We'll warn you if there is going to be any disruption at all, but typically it will be nothing more than a restart.

Can you tell me more about this 'Roadmap' and how it will help me?
Yes. Although we can never guarantee how long new features will take to build, we have a very clear idea of the work that is ahead of us, at least for a few months at a time. We will keep this updated, to give a high-level overview of the contents of the monthly updates. You can see it here.

Will my source code be upgraded? 
Your source code will be upgraded only if you subscribe to the Gold package. If at any time you opt out of the subscription, then your source code will get frozen at the version you were licensed to use when your subscription ceased. There will be a cost to bring it back to current day which is normally 50% of the 'new' list price.

Can I be on the Gold Plan even though I don't have source code licensing rights?
Of course! It's worth stopping for a moment, though, and wondering why - if you don't own source code - you're not taking advantage of our preFIX model. 

What happens if I stop paying for a subscription?
If you let your subscription expire, then your End-User licensing rights are frozen at the version you were licensed to use when your subscription ceased. 

I already have the old-style, non-recurring 'Year-Round Benefits' - what happens to that?
We will 'grandfather' you in to the Gold Package for the duration of your current contract. Your expiry date will not change, but upon renewal you will be invited to move to the new auto-recurring system.