Vortx Single Sign On

Vortx 'single sign-on' (SSO) enables users to seamlessly work among Vortx applications without having to manage multiple sets of credentials or to sign in to our apps one at a time. We've already embedded our DotFeed platform into AspDotNetStorefront and now we have made life a little simpler for our customers to sign into -- and out of -- the whole range of Vortx products.

With single sign-on, you sign in once and gain access to all Vortx systems without being prompted to log in again at each of them. Similarly, you can log out of all systems by logging out of one.

Vortx single sign-on currently enables you to sign-on/sign-out of seven different applications. More applications (e.g. AspDotNetStorefront Helpdesk) will be introduced in upcoming iterations.

Two of our applications are USER PORTALS.

You cannot use these particular applications without being registered, and a single sign-on will allow you to move between these portals to manage your licensed software and also to optimize your feeds.

AspDotNetStorefront License Portal

Licensees of AspDotNetStorefront can use this portal to:
  • retrieve license keys
  • upgrade licensed version
  • download licensed software
  • transfer license records
DotFeed Portal

Most users 'sign on' to DotFeed's portal daily to manage their feeds and the rules with which they optimize their feeds.

The DotFeed portal also allows for the management of order export, and of abandonment tracking.

Three more of our applications are SHOPPING CENTERS.

The act of shopping creates (or refers to) a shopper's account, but does not leave the shopper 'signed in'. Single sign-on will govern the secure authentication of the purchase.

Shopping on AspDotNetStorefront
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Shopping on DotFeed
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Reseller Shopping on Vortx
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Two of our applications are BROCHURE SITES.

While there may not be good reason to sign in, these sites are a conduit to other applications and single sign-on handles that elegantly.