AJAX In-Stock Notification Add-On for AspDotNetStorefront

AJAX In-Stock Notification

Developed by Alynnlee Productions / Vibe Commerce

Re-capture customers who abandoned your site because the item they wanted was out-of-stock at the time. The alpVibe AJAX In-Stock Notification Add-on makes it simple for shoppers to request notification directly from the product page when an out-of-stock item is back in stock. AJAX functionality prevents unnecessary page loads and reduces shopper frustration, while full automation sends the notifications without any additional administrative effort as soon as inventory for the item is set to a positive value.

Works with MSx and MSx 9.2.x to 9.5.x

Single-site license. A separate license must be purchased for each unique domain.

Full automation – notifications are sent as soon as inventory is updated. Asynchronous – notifications are sent out-of-process during updates so the admin isn’t forced to wait for slow mails servers to process bulk send operations. Supports inventory updates via WSI (with optional WSI module).

Files are emailed after order verification

Installation on stock cart can be purchased with product purchase.

Instructions are provided with delivered files.

Install Options
Standard Installation on Stock Cart:
Standard Installation of this Product
Price: $149.00