Expert Feature Review

Price: $499.00
If you already know that you have custom changes to your store, but you long ago lost track of the extent of your modifications, then you might need a helping hand with 'reverse engineering' your code to provide a list of the work that was once carried out.

Most likely, you'd also like an expert eye to compare your custom changes with today's 'out of box' feature list. There is every chance that the need you once had for changes can now be dramatically reduced by using (or at least hi-jacking) new code that has been put into the core build.

We can use expert developers to provide you with a reverse-engineered understanding of the work you once invested in, and a line up of different ways that your business needs can now be met.

Our 'Expert Feature Review' service will work as follows:
  • You will provide us with a copy of your files and a database backup
    • If you host with us (or want to begin hosting with us) then we can do this step for you
    • If you are hosting elsewhere, but need help getting the files, then we can quote separately to do that for you
    • If you have source code changes but somehow along the way didn't get access to your own source files, we can help with that, too
  • While we are waiting for your code, we will set one of our in-house ecommerce experts onto a review of the 'front end' of your store, looking for features that were added just for you.
  • We will set processes in place to electronically show us the custom code
  • A real human being will then read the code changes and interpret the work that was done.
  • One of our sales team will present the findings to you, and most likely introduce you to the most suitable of our development partners if you would like to know the cost of moving to the forthcoming, easy-upgrade version of AspDotNetStorefront.