Attribute-Based Filtering and Sorting - for Entity Pages and Search Results

Attribute-Based Filtering, Sorting and Searching

Developed by Alynnlee productions / Vibe Commerce

AJAX-based addon for filtering your product results by a list of attributes, sorting the results. AVAILABLE NOW! (all versions of ASPDNSF).

Some Trib highlights:

  • Performance benchmarked using 100,000 products and 300,000 attribute mappings
  • Completely new and fresh CSS style included
  • Optimized for even large data sets
  • Fully AJAX jQuery based UI provides a sleek user experience
  • Includes AJAX Suggestive Search - aka "search as you type"
  • Custom pagination control
  • Supports all main Entities as additional filterable attributes
  • Use images as clickable attributes instead of text
  • Use pieces of the addon that apply to you. If you don't need custom attributes, they can easily be omitted in lieu of all the other UI functionality
  • New stock availability attribute filter
  • New ratings attribute filter
  • New sort options: By Rating and Recently Added
  • Almost entirely modular and AspDotNetStorefront Source Code is NOT modified by this add on
  • Link to demo:

Works with ML version 7.1.x to 9.0.x and MSx 9.1.x to 10.0.0

  • Single-site license. A separate license must be purchased for each unique domain.
  • Works with all versions of ML and MSx
  • License is offered with Vibe Commerce branded link for a reduced price. Alternatively, an unbranded version is also available - now 20% cheaper than purchasing both filters and attributes add-ons before, with more power, features and configurability than ever!

Source code is available with a signed license agreement and additional purchase.

Files are emailed after order verification

  • Run SQL script, drop files in web root, add extension node to web.config
  • Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Installation by Vibe Commerce on stock cart, $60
  • Please allow up to 7 days additional processing time for VB version

AspDotNetStorefront Version
ML to ML
ML to ML
ML to ML
MSx (One per store)
MSx (One per store)
MSx (One per store)
MSx 9.4.x (One per store)
MSx 9.5.x (One per store)
MSx 10.0.x (One per store) Only available as Unbranded
Product Options
Unbranded, With Base Code
Language Options
C# Code Base (standard)
VB Code Base (allow 7 days additional install time)
Install Options
Install for me
Price: $499.00
  • MSx 10.0.x (One per store) Only available as Unbranded
  • Unbranded
  • C# Code Base (standard)