Bulk Image Importer/Updater for AspDotNetStorefront

Bulk Image Importer/Updater

Developed by Compunix

This modification service automates the process of importing/updating and resizing your cart images.

Avoid the tedious and time consuming task of updating product images one at a time. Follow 4 easy steps and have thousands of image files updated within minutes.*

This modification service also supports alternate product images.

Four easy steps:

  1. Select what images you would like to have updated (icon, medium, large)
  2. Select the naming convention of the image files (SKU, Product ID, or Manufacturer Part Number)
  3. Select the source image directory
  4. Select the destination directory (Optional)


Cart features:

  • Easy to use and understand
  • Wizard format to walk you through four easy steps
  • Compatible with SKU, Product ID, or Manufacturer Part Number naming convention
  • Creates image backups
  • Displays results once the process is complete
  • Offers a range of options to meet your needs
  • Imports alternate product images (SKU123.jpg, SKU123_1.jpg, SKU123_2.jpg etc)


This modification service is a must for cart owners who are updating a large amount of cart images, switching platforms, receiving new image files from manufacturer, or changing Image Resize settings.

* Through our performance benchmarking, this modification service was able to update 5000 image files, with an average size of 69kB, in approximately 4 minutes. Time may vary depending on system speed, file size, and other variables.

Works with ML 7.0x to 9.0.x, MSx 9.1.x to 9.5.x and 10.0.x

  • Does not require cart source code
NOTE: this is a one cart/one domain license

Compunix will contact you to install modification service.

Installation included.

AspDotNetStorefront Version
MSx 10.0.x
MSx 9.1.x to 9.5.x
ML 9.0.x.x
ML to 8.1.x
ML 8.0.0.x or older
Price: $549.00
  • MSx 10.0.x