301 Redirect for AspDotNetStorefront

301 URL Redirect

Developed by Compunix

Use this add-on to create 301 URL redirects to maintain your SEO ranking during site transfers, or transferring from other platforms.

301 URL Redirect forwards traffic from each page of your old ecommerce site or shopping cart platform to the right page on your new AspDotNetStorefront shopping cart. Preserve valuable search engine page rankings and retain site traffic by seamlessly redirecting customers to your new pages.

This add-on can create an unlimited number of redirects and works with all file types including asp, php, jsp, html, htm and aspx (302 redirect only for aspx). New page destinations are stored in a SQL database table for easy importing and management from your existing shopping cart admin console. The system even safeguards against missing destination pages by sending visitors to a default page on your new shopping cart site. We can also assist with redirect database importing.

This 301 URL Redirect add-on is perfect for site transfers or shopping cart system changeovers. This product is not suitable for migrations from one AspDotNetStorefront site to another AspDotNetStorefront site.

**With Version 10 you can do both site transfers or shopping cart system changeovers and migrations from one AspDotNetStorefront site to another AspDotNetStorefront site.

Works with ML 7.0.x to, MSx 9.1.x to 9.5.x MSx 10.0.0

Please contact Compunix for examples and any other questions you may have.

Sample entries:
Request URL: blabla.html   ->   Resolve to URL: p-1-simple-product.aspx
Request URL: servlet/the-Mens-Halloween-Costumes-cln-Medium/Categories   ->   Resolve to URL: c-11-basic-bedding.aspx

Does NOT require cart source code

NOTE: this is a one cart/one domain license

Easy install instructions with a readme included in the download. Does NOT require cart source code.

Installation option available.

Note, you will need to be logged in as an Admin or Super Admin to be able to setup the redirects. This 301Redirect.aspx page serves both as the configuration admin and for serving of the 301 redirects.

MSx 9.1.x to 9.5.x
ML 8.0.1.x to 9.0.x
ML 8.0.0.x and older
Please install for me
Expedited Install (Same-Day)
Convert to VB.Net
Price: $299.00