BOOST: The Academy

Price: $99.00
Special Offer: $69.00

When you're learning important material, do you like to know that there is specialist help available? Do you find value in one-on-one sessions? In group sessions with other students?

Would you like weekly hints and tips? Would you like an expert to look over your content? Would you like a forum for suggesting future material?

The Boost Academy is here to help you to learn with a mentor. You will be able to arrange calls, ask questions, join sessions, receive tips, and share with your peers. 

Read details of BOOST content here. This is an annual program, with new content being added throughout the year. In particular, we will stay on top of SEO trends and changes so that we can keep you always up to date.

BOOST is purchased in twelve equal, monthly sums. The terms of the program are here.