ADA/WCAG compliant template

Price: $220.00

Do you know that you are expected to be hosting a storefront that is just as easy to shop by a visitor who is visually impaired, as by a fully-sighted shopper? Have you put your storefront through one of the many 'WCAG tests' to see how it stands up? (There are lots - try running one of your category pages through, for example - you should be happy if you have only a small handful of violations, otherwise read on).

Our eCommerce products have been 'WCAG/ADA' friendly for almost 2 years, but until now we have left you to take your own responsibility for the template or skin. Now, for the first time, we're offering a compliant template for you to install and add your own style. Your topic content won't be lost, but might need some work to re-establish the earlier look. We can help, either in-house or by introducing you to a web developer who is familiar with our software. 

We are offering this on a monthly 'lease' basis, for two reasons. Firstly, it helps you avoid any prohibitive one-time fees and secondly, the monthly fee means that we can check it out every month and deliver any new WCAG requirements to you, without extra charge. 

See these eRATEX stores, all of which are ADA/WCAG compliant.