The Push-button Upgrade Portal - Release Notes

Release Date: November 1st

The Push Button Portal was updated on November 1st with the following additions:

  • The Push Button Upgrade now converts stores into stock version 10.0.2 which is our current PCI-certified release
  • Added support for the use of Push Button Upgrades to onboard stores to our new preFIX model
  • Added support for our new email notifications (preFIX only)

Note for existing PBU users: If you are in the middle of a push button upgrade, then next time you run, your store will be upgraded to 10.0.2. It's really as easy as that!

Release Date: September 14th

The Push Button Portal will be updated on the morning of Wednesday September 14th with the following new features:

  • Partial Runs ~ When first you 'push the button' to set your store upgrading, the technology collects every image, every file, every scrap of AspDotNetStorefront data.
  • Very soon afterwards, you'll be looking at your staged v10 storefront, and you will most likely use the 'design wizard' to upload different banners, change the featured products on your home page etc. Then you'll re-run your upgrade to apply your design changes.

    Because of today's changes, we will now only collect any new or changed files. That means that the re-run will be much quicker.

  • New additions to the Design Wizard ~

    We have always offered an option (on some templates) for you to highlight a 'brick and mortar store' and you can now link an image to a page of your choice. Featured products, a really popular element of the homepage, can be configured (number of products, number of columns).

  • Improved FTP support ~

    Many third party hosts use different FTP settings - one of the common settings is 'Implicit FTP over TLS'. Previously, we couldn't use our push button upgrade on a site if the host is configured to use Implicit FTP, today - we can! We're also rolling out a retry mechanism - some third party hosts will disconnect the PBU service after a period of time, which requires a manual restart from admin. Now, this will retry itself on its own after disconnects.